I ought to have taken the primary position…

… although it often causes offence.

I’m thinking of this after what happened at the Walney End of Jubilee Bridge today at about 17:15. I’m cycling home from work, waiting to go straight ahead in the left hand lane. I’m at the front of the ‘queue’, a big black Navara turns up to my immediate right and rolls up to the stop line.
Note: there’s no Advance Stop Line at this junction.
While the lights are still showing red, the Navara rolls forward over the line and stops again (RTA 1988 sect. 36). I notice it is indicating left.
The traffic lights switch through to green, I set off straight ahead – hands covering my brakes. Black Navara sets off and starts the left turn before realising he’s in the wrong and stops (Highway Code, rule 182). I stop and calmly remind the driver, in the absence of a clear signal from me, I’m continuing straight ahead. Cue some vague cursing but I’m already half-way across the junction and not giving a hoot.
I was expecting to be followed up Central Drive, but I can only assume the driver has realised he was wrong in thinking that a left signal gives some kind of magic right-of-way.

I am considering assuming the primary position at the front of the traffic light cue in the future, it’s a bit heavy-handed but it will prevent this kind of ‘encounter’.



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