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Living Streets – Try20

May 3, 2016

It has come to my attention that it is National Walking Month. I realise I might not be the target audience for this (honourable) campaign, because I will actively avoid a walk which looks like it will exceed 10 minutes. I’d prefer to jump on a bike and ride for 10 mins, an hour, several hours, as long as have the time and energy for.

Ten minutes is about the break-even point for walking versus cycling for me.

I wish Living Streets the best for their efforts.


A year.

May 4, 2013

About a year ago, at the end of April 2012 actually, I took voluntary redundancy from Apollo Cinemas Ltd.

Looking back it was an uncertain time for me, but I now know it was a good decision and the right thing to do. I believe that, had I stayed on, I would have been made redundant by Vue (who bought Apollo Cinemas in May 2012) on much poorer terms.

Over the past twelve months I’ve met so many extraordinary people, as well as taken the time to get to know my long-standing friends that little more.

It is still my opinion that cinemas are now poorer places, because they tend not to have dedicated, full-time technicians. Nothing will change that, nor my love of sharing a story in a big darkened room.