Having the tools is not the same as using them.


In a first of its kind case a student accused of attempting to pirate the 3D movie Gravity has been completely cleared by a court in the UK. The presiding judge said there was absolutely “no legal basis” for the case and instructed the jury to find the 28-year-old not guilty.

The muppets at FACT are particularly petulant in their response, because people never take cameras in to the cinema. Nope, never happens, right?
(I’m deliberately mocking how most cinema-goers will take their camera-equipped mobile phone with them, and often use it during the show)

Being more practical about this case, if the student in question had intended to record the film then I understand that the alignment of the two cameras in terms of the precision in convergence would make the enterprise prohibitively difficult.

When I worked in the cinema industry (which seems like a long long time ago) I interrupted a few people with various cameras and mobile phones. Not because of the potential for piracy, but because it was against the admission policy on mobile devices. At the time people were downloading films from the internet, as they do today. Why take the risk and record it yourself? Lunacy.
By the way: Happy new year! I have been in full-time employment since September 2014, so I have less time to write compared to when I was working a part-time job in between leaving the cinema industry and now.


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