“Money Made Simple” nuisance calls.

A few minutes ago my mobile phone rang. The callers number was displayed as “01274663293”.
Me: “Hello?”
Caller: “Can I speak to Mr. Smith please?”
Me: “That’s me. Good morning.”
Caller: “Hello, this is S… from Money Made Simple. I understand you’ve paid in to a private or frozen pension. Are you aware of the recent changes in government legislation regarding pensions?”
(I didn’t catch the name of the caller, but it does not matter)
Me: “I don’t discuss my private financial arrangements with companies who telephone me without invitation.”
Caller: “Oh, ok” <click!>
The caller terminated the call.

This is the thin end of a type of scam, where the company provides a service to cash in your pension early. They don’t warn you that the “administration fees” are significantly expensive, and they don’t warn you that you will be liable for a large tax on your income from this transaction. Avoid.


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