A sorry little tale of how it took two months to get a warranty replacement.

In the middle of June 2013 I ordered and received a Kingston brand 32Gb USB drive. It arrived a few days later, after verifying it was legitimate and fully-functional I used it in the usual way. It arrived formatted to NTFS, and I seem to remember re-formatting it to FAT32 for compatibility reasons.

5/2/2014: Part-way through saving a TV show on to the drive, the drive just stopped responding. I tried using the drive on several computers and operating systems. Not recognised. Under linux, the lsusb command did not list the drive. I contacted the seller and was told to send the drive back and a replacement would be dispatched.

17/2/2014: I enquired about when to expect the replacement drive. The following day I received a reply confirming a replacement drive had been shipped.

5/3/2014: I enquired again, as I have not received the drive. The following day I received an apologetic reply, confirming a second replacement drive would be dispatched.

17/3/2014: I reported that the second replacement drive has not arrived. The following day I received an apologetic reply, and the seller asked me to give the Royal Mail a few more days

28/3/2014: I reminded the seller that the second drive has still not arrived. This is a Friday, so I did not receive a reply until Monday. The seller apologised again and confirmed that a third replacement drive would be dispatched.

1/4/2014: Drive arrives by Registered Post. Perhaps they ought to have used Registered Post the first time?

I don’t know what has happened here. Does my post man have light fingers, or can two parcels disappear in two months? I did take the precaution of reporting the missing mail to the Royal Mail. There might be a problem. Even if there isn’t a problem, it protects me where some legal documents are considered “served” if posted correctly without requiring a signature upon receipt.

Obviously I’m not expecting to receive anything like that, but I still think that ten minutes on the telephone to the Royal Mail’s investigation team was time well spent.

I am not going to name the seller. They may have:
(a) Lost two drives to the Royal Mail.
(b) A poor organisation that none of the drives were ever dispatched until 31/3/2014.
(c) Decided to take the chance that I would not pursue the missing drive, and not dispatch it. If this is the case, they decided to send the drive on 31/3/2014 because I had complained about it so many times.
One of these possibilities is beyond the control of the company, another is a deliberate connivance to defraud.



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