Printing an image larger than the paper size.

This another of those “for personal reference posts”, although it might be useful for others. Like many of my posts on computing, this is relevant to Debian-derived Linux i.e. Ubuntu.

If you want to print a banner, or poster, and only have a printer which can print on (say) A4 paper then there is a simple solution. Save the image at the correct size in EPS format. I used Inkscape for this, and I had the paper size set to 1100mm by 550mm.

Check that poster is installed (if not, it is available in the standard repositories).

The command to print my design at 1:1 scale, using A4 size pages:

poster -v -mA4 -s1 InputFile.eps >

The switches specify verbose output (-v), use A4 size paper (-mA4) and that the scaling factor is 1:1 (-s1).

The output file can be printed from Evince, or your favourite Postcript-aware application. It is worth reading the manual for poster too.


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