Embracing the repair-not-replace culture.

A friend asked me to look at two pairs of GHD brand hair-straighteners. She wanted to know if I could produce one set which worked, from the parts. As I was fault-finding I quickly became aware that the hair straighteners were designed to be repaired. There were no glued or ultra-sonically welded parts, just simple screw fasteners. This is not the modus operandi of a company which produces poor quality products. The manufacturer seems to want their customers to be happy with their products, while keeping imitation products off the market. By making the genuine article simple to repair, people are less likely to buy a cheaper counterfeit.
That’s my theory anyway, your mileage may vary.

I found this web-site to be very useful: www.ghd-repair.co.uk during my fault-finding and repair process. You could even use the discount code “DISCOUNT10” if you find yourself placing an order. My order for parts was delivered quickly, despite the postal chaos we normally tolerate during the Christmas holiday.

Returning to the GHD hair straightener as a product, I admit to being puzzled about why there is a plug and socket which allows the mains cable to rotate freely. To my mind this is a unnecessary potential point of wear, and ultimately, failure. The model 4.2B GHD has a common fault (resistor R8 or R11 fails open-circuit), which can be caused by an intermittent mains connection. This intermittent mains connection might be caused by the mains cable entry.


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