Whyte bikes and frame warranty: Double-plus good.

Just a note to say I am very pleased with Whyte’s support and commitment toward their bike frame warranty. In April this year I bought, second hand, a Whyte 146s. (The 2012 model) It was a demo model, bought from a dealer.
By August there was significant play evident in the swing-arm bushings. There was (what appeared to be) cracks showing near the bottom bracket. Not great for a carbon fibre frame.
I was also concerned that Whyte may not honour their warranty, as I was not the original owner. I asked my local bike shop, who are a Whyte dealer, and they said they would ask Whyte.

Against my expectations Whyte confirmed they would supply a replacement frame. They actually supplied a 2013 frame, which looks brilliant. Whyte also supplied a replacement stem and new grips for the handlebars, to complement the black and orange colour scheme.

Well done to all concerned.

19/11/2013: I originally stated it was a 2014 frame. My mistake, the 146 does not appear in the Whyte range for 2014. Probably because of all the beardy-weirdy wheel size variants, 29 inch, 27.5 inch and 650B. 🙂


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