The CamSports HD-S 720p – again. Updated 13/5/2014.

Update 13/5/2014:

The replacement case did not arrive, polite follow-up emails went ignored. Not a great impression to be honest. Recently I have had to retire the camera, water got in to it and (despite my best efforts to dry it out) the camera is now damaged beyond repair. I have bought a cheap camera which has a greater battery and memory capacity, although the lens and sensor have room for improvement. With cameras you usually only get what you pay for.
This is the original text published 26/10/2012:
I just wanted to say that I’m very happy because I have been able to obtain a replacement outer case for my bullet-cam.
The longer version of the story follows:
I emailed CamSports last month to ask about the possibility of obtaining a replacement case. The camera is older than the one-year manufacturer’s warranty, so I knew I’d have to pay for the part.
No reply came, and I forgot about chasing it up. Today someone from replied back to say two things:
(a) the company had been re-organised, and they were sorry that they had just discovered my message.
(b) was I still interested in a replacement case.
So I replied back saying that I was still interested, and I also made it clear that the camera was older than one year, therefore I was happy to pay for the part.
CamSports responded by saying they would send out the part, free of charge. This is from France to the UK, so it’s a little more expensive than non-international post.

So the message here is: be patient and polite to people. Good things will happen.


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