Wendy Webb, of Barrow-in-Furness, oh dear!

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and I have decided that I feel very sorry for you.
I’m talking about you, just in case it’s not clear. Your birthday is 5th May, probably. You might have blocked me on facebook, but I had bookmarked your profile page prior to your actions. I do things like that sometimes, when I can see the dung flying towards the fan.

I feel very guilty that a person, or persons unknown, seem have taught you:
(a) Everyone in the world owes you great respect.
(b) You are allowed to treat others with contempt.
(c) The solution to criticism is to (forgive the metaphor) run upstairs to your bedroom and slam the door shut … then to come out a few hours later and pretend nothing happened.

It is over-due for you to learn these three things are wrong. Perhaps it might have been your mother ‘Angie’ or father ‘Rodney’ who made these mistakes – I don’t know.

(a) If you want people to respect you, you need to respect yourself and others. If someone is trying to help you, respect them and yourself by considering what they have to say. Chances are good that this helpful person is not trying to belittle you, or commit some grevious sin against you.
(b) If you tell someone to (quote) “stop being stupid and talking a load of shit” – it demonstrates that you have no respect for yourself (rule a) and it undermines any credibility you might have had in the past. As you have said that, any respect I might have had for you is irrevocably destroyed.
(c) You had your tantrum on July 9th this year because I gently suggested your administration of the group “Barrow Things Wanted” may be improved and enhanced by actually publishing _all_ the group rules and guidelines. Referring to parts (a) and (b) what you actually did was throw a tantrum, and then quietly edit the group document a few days later. To me that seems like such a long-winded effort, when a shorter alternative would have been to say “That’s a decent idea, I’ll consider that”. I know that, in the long run, you would feel better about it too.

(I know you edited the group rules a day or two later, I have several friends who are group members. They found the whole episode amusing and tragic at the same time.)

Assuming the red mist has not descended by now, I want you and everyone to know that I have more than enough information to defend myself against any legal action you might be considering.
A quick question, and on the same subject, have you heard of The Streisand Effect?

I am also concerned about the foul language you use in you facebook messages, and I might suggest that it is not compatible with your self-proclaimed position as “full time single yummy mummy”. Children learn to swear in their own time, you don’t need to teach them gutter language first.

I am also aware that facebook does not like their platform being used for sending abusive and offensive messages.

I have spent a considerable amount of time learning about management techniques, while I’m not an expert I am in a position to comment from a knowledgeable point of view. If want people to follow rules, then you need to ensure those rules are known by everyone. It’s very poor practice to withhold rules, then to have the screaming ab-dabs when it all goes wrong(1).

(1) There are several other people I know who would benefit from this advice.

Over the years I have received many critical comments and complaints, but I’ve learned from all of these. I know I am a better manager and person because of it.



One Response to “Wendy Webb, of Barrow-in-Furness, oh dear!”

  1. barrowbiker Says:

    I noticed yesterday you’ve unblocked me. Well that’s a start, I’m still waiting for a full apology.

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