The CamSports HD-S 720p – upgrading the internal memory.

In April last year I bought a CamSports HD-S 720p. It has 4Gb of memory for recording, but no external slot for a memory card as some other cameras have.
Today I have swapped the factory-fitted 4Gb micro SD card, for a new 16Gb micro SD card.
The camera seems to work fine, although I’ve not recorded enough video to exceed the file size limit in FAT32 of (4Gb minus 1 byte). I think the way I use the camera means that it is unlikely I will get near this limit.


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3 Responses to “The CamSports HD-S 720p – upgrading the internal memory.”

  1. barrowbiker Says:

    Turns out, after field-testing today, that the camera’s firmware refuses to record more than about 4Gb of video. No matter what you do.
    It was an interesting experiment. If you are rushing to brand it a failure, I will remind you there are no failures in science, just results.
    I doubt that the manufacturer would be willing to issue an updated firmware either.
    Oddly, if you put more than 4Gb of other files on the camera’s memory – and then try to use the camera then it behaves normally. This suggests that the camera’s FAT32 filesystem works correctly, and the 4Gb limit is artificially imposed somewhere else in the firmware.

  2. David Says:

    Hi. I need help with open this camera to repair.
    Can You help me?

  3. barrowbiker Says:

    David, it’s been a while since I sold my camera (“spares or repairs”) so I’m working from memory here. You unscrew the lens cover from the front of the camera, and the whole tray of electronics slides out. There is an official tool to grab hold of the lens cover, as it is very tight for thin plastic. There is little to repair inside the camera, your mileage may vary. See also:


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