Barrow driver fails to stop after collision with a cyclist.

Being realistic, the cyclist was coming down the hill a bit too quickly.
The driver did not indicate left, sadly this is far too common.
Go back and watch the video again. After the collision, follow the driver. He (or she) turns right, stops immediately, reverses back out again in to Rawlinson Street, then turns right again. This series of manoeuvres seems to suggest the driver knows a collision has occurred. After the reverse-turn, the driver sees that is a cyclist, and decides to leave the scene.

There are things I do as a cyclist to avoid this type of accident:
Approach the junction expecting to need to stop, no matter if the traffic lights are red or green.
I do not undertake the cars, I do try and make eye contact with the drivers.
If I’m turning left, I take a slow, wide line.
If I’m going straight ahead, I occupy the centre-line of the lane.
(In both cases I am fully aware that traffic is behind me. Tough. Take your turn like everyone else.)


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