Updated Ubuntu Linux on your Sony notebook, and lost the display?

If your Sony notebook has Nvidia graphics, you probably need this solution here. It worked for my VPCS11C5E with its GeForce 310M GPU, running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.
Now if anyone can make the HDMI output work with Ubuntu, I’d be grateful to know how you did it.

Update 29/6/2012:
I re-read the post I linked to earlier, and followed the author’s suggestion about commenting out the Option lines when the driver has been updated.
Well, the driver has been updated several times since I last looked at this issue. Also I have updated the version of Ubuntu to 11.10.
I now find the HDMI and VGA outputs work, and that the connected display is detected correctly with the NVidia X Server Settings application.

The VGA side seems to be limited in what resolutions it will do though. I’ll crack that later.


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