New rule for The Highway Code?

The Highway Code is a compendium of rules (the law of the land) and guidelines for all users of the roads here in the UK.
Following a near-miss this morning I have a suggestion for a new entry:

[School children] When crossing the road, do not attempt to update your facebook status at the same time.
Blindly stepping out in front of oncoming traffic may lead to serious injury and all your friends laughing at you.

What happened was this: I was driving, stopped at a Give Way junction indicating left. To my left there was a small group of school children, obviously on their way to Walney School. They were stood on the footpath, near the kerb waiting to cross.
I looked both ways up and down the road (the children remained where they were). I started to move off to the left.
That is when two of the children decided to cross the road. So I dropped the anchors to a chorus of screaming and shouting.
I had to give way, mostly to prevent injury and also because Rule 170 says so.
Did I use the car horn as a rebuke? No.
Did I let the children see me shaking my head slowly in despair? Yes.
Where the pedestrians holding their mobile phones in their hands? Yes (they are children).
Should the pupils of Walney School be bringing their mobile phones in to school? No. I know this, I have a few friends on “the inside”.


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