Business Software Gravy Train attacks UK Open Standards Policy.

Sadly, commercial software companies are claiming that a recent Cabinet Office policy note (PDF link) will put them at a disadvantage.
I think this actually means they are concerned their income is threatened because they can’t compete with ‘free’. If that is the case then they ought to concentrate on the private sector market, to justify the costs of their software. If the UK Government is interested in keeping it’s data as freely accessible as possible, then it’s difficult to see why there is a place for proprietary software and formats there.
For example, Adobe Photoshop CS5 costs 608UKP. If the product represents such an improvement over (say) GIMP or CinePaint then that’s great. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that most “joe average” computer users may never require the extra functionality from Photoshop – so why buy it? Or even worse, why steal Photoshop, when you can install GIMP and preserve your karma?


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