This month’s FAILs.

Sony executive tweets one of the PS3 master keys. See how quickly that image gets deleted.
Do-gooders want to abdicate their parental responsibility by not supervising their children’s internet access. Moments later they change their mind.
I won’t comment about Kevin Butler’s ill-advised tweet.
I don’t know what mumsnet were thinking. They wrote:

Some 95% of pornographic content viewed in this country comes from servers operated by British-based companies – so a default network filter could be extremely effective…

There is no source provided for the (probably fake) number of 95% – as wikipedia says “[citation needed]”.
The statement demonstrates a fundamental failure to understand the concept of filtering, as it doesn’t matter where the servers are located. They can be in the UK, they can be in one of the former Eastern Bloc states, or they can be under my bed.
I’ve had a quick look around the site today, and there’s no mention of this filtering campaign now. There seems to be a lot of helpful and positive information on there.


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