Scam email warning (“new-adobe-2011″/”new-2011-pdf-download”)

Today I received this email:


Dear Customers,

Adobe is pleased to announce new version upgrades for Adobe Acrobat 2011.

Advanced features include:

– Collaborate across borders
– Create rich, polished PDF files from any application that prints
– Ensure visual fidelity
– Encrypt and share PDF files more securely
– Use the standard for document archival and exchange

To upgrade and enhance your work productivity today, go to:

To leave comments, please contact us at:

Best regards,

Tom Norman

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Copy rights © Adobe Acrobat 2011 – All Rights Reserved

This is, in my opinion, a scam.
The first reason is; I’m not an Adobe customer – why would they be emailing me?
The second reason is the WHOIS for the referred URL claims that a company called “Zeus Marketing Service” of Dundee (UK) is responsible for the URL, although no such company exists at that address nor are they listed on the Companies House register.
Pointing a web-browser at the URL gives a redirect to, the WHOIS record for this URL gives a name of “Consesores De Importadores De Machina Independente” in Panama City.
This is suspect, as Adobe don’t have an office in Panama City.
The homepage of the site looks credible enough, some of the other pages are littered with irrelevant gibberish or are just blank.
I’m bored with this now. It’s a scam, delete and ignore.


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