Local pirate busted.

The local paper reports:
A man set up his own business creating pirate copies of DVDs, CDs and games from his bedroom and selling them on to workmates, a court heard.
Lee made a small fortune by stealing other people’s creative works and selling them, and it’s beyond discussion about the sentence given.
The principle remains sound, the arts rightly enjoy considerable legal protection. If you buy or make copied films please stop.
I admit to being confused about one of the quotes from the Evening Mail article. It says, towards the end:
software with programs to overwrite copyright protection
What the heck does that mean? Copyright is a concept; a set of exclusive rights granted to the author of an artistic work. No matter what Lee did with the works he distributed, the copyright in them remained with the original author. I suspect the “journalist” has had to edit the original text so much, it now reads as nonsense. I am disappointed that anyone in a professional capacity would be happy to have their name against a document like that. Perhaps the draft text of the article suggested Lee had used software to unscramble the CSS system, which turned out to be the world’s lamest content protection system.


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