The welcome I wasn’t expecting.

I’ve been a bit busy, right now it seems I’m either cycling, working or sleeping.
This relates to a bike ride on Friday 18th June. I was not riding with anyone at the time, and I was climbing up past Greenscoe Farm.
It was a bright sunny evening, with the sun setting over Duddon Sands behind me. I heard the chatter of people, and the next thing I know there was someone saying “lovely evening isn’t it?” and “would you like a drink?”. I stopped and leaned on the brick wall there, reciprocated their comments on the weather in the affirmative. I thanked them for the offer of a drink but declined it on the basis that if I stopped pedalling for too long it would only make it harder to re-start the climb.
With friendly smiles and waves exchanged, I set off up the hill overflowing with the spirit of human kindness. It is exactly this type of thing which will ‘make my day’ without fail. It is also one of the reasons why I ride my bike, for this type of chance encounter.


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