Let common sense prevail!

Several things have happened this week, which I’ve considered to have varying positive values of “good”. One of the higher ranking events is this:
BCA drops libel suit against Simon Singh
I agree with the principle of “the truth shall set you free”, although the law isn’t quite ready for that yet. I understood the BCA has tried to argue Simon’s comments were factual when they were (prima facie) opinion. Rather than sitting down and talking, the BCA resorted to litigation.
I was threatened with a libel claim many years ago, although the spineless coward didn’t proceed with it. Did it have any effect on the claimant (no names)? No. I understand he (or she) is still in the same industry. Having just checked, there is still the same message on his/her website about “oh please don’t criticise me – I’m just too fragile and haven’t the maturity to take it on the chin”.
If you think my blog is lame, or you think my youtube videos are lame then say so. Go on. I’ll have a good old giggle and forget about you.
If I have a criticism to make, I’ll have a justification for it. I criticised my MP in the previous post – not without justifying why I’m holding that opinion.



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