Suspicious activity.

Someone close to me was driving his (or her) car in Barrow recently, and was stopped by the police for “acting suspiciously”.
What was the nature of this questionable behaviour? The driver had negotiated a roundabout, in the late evening, while using the indicators correctly!
Barrow-in-Furness is not one of those places where drivers habitually neglect to use the indicator lamps, so I can only assume the Police were bored or had some kind of quota to keep to (which they’ll deny).
After scrutinising the car for nearly ten minutes, and doing all the checking for tyre tread e.t.c. (grasping at straws now), they had to admit there was no reason to waste any more time so they let the driver proceed.
I have a ‘generally positive’ opinion of the Police, excepting a small number of high profile cases (example), but events like this do nothing to maintain that opinion.


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