The Tuesday bike ride.

As the weather was a bit cold, and there had been about 3cm of snow, we decided to try and keep it a little bit shorter and closer to Ambleside. It turned out to be about 12 miles, given the wet and slushy snow and the terrain, it was a hard-earned 12 miles for me. All the “fast lads” were out, and myself (not necessarily in that same group).
The route summary is; “Coffin trail” to Rydal, and on past Nab Cottage to White Moss. Cross the A591 there, through the trees and on to The Terrace up to Red Bank. There’s a little route which heads towards Hunting Stile, but don’t go all the way there. Turn left for a steep climb up and over Dow Bank and a crazy descent in to Eltermere. A few “sideways” moments in the snow on the way down there.
After a little bit on the road back towards Loughrigg around the back of Loughrigg Tarn and another stiff climb towards Ambleside. Don’t go all the way down the road the Mountain Rescue use. We took some “cheeky trails” towards what we call The Hole In The Wall.
At this point one of the “fast lads” managed to break his bike, sorry, hope it’s not too expensive to fix.
This leads towards Clappersgate via a superb descent. After that it dumps you on the A593 a short cruise back to Ambleside.



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