About last night’s bike ride.

For reasons best known to Magellan, the manufacturer of GPS boxen, I only have accurate information for the second half of the route. I like to carry a GPS unit so I can study the route later, and try and use the best bits on the next ride.

A quick summary of the route:
Ride out from Ambleside to Base Camp at High Wray (A592, then B5286), off-road up to Long Height on Claife. Up to Latterbarrow then a short, fast descent to Colthouse. Right turn on to the unsurfaced road and a short tarmac run to the foot of Hawkshead Hill. Still on the road, climbing via Sand Ground to Knipe Fold and the road up to Iron Keld. A long climb up and pick your way across Arnside Intake and the gradual descent down to the A593. Left turn and grind up the road about half a mile, and right turn on to a narrow road.
Look for a gate on the right, no more than 20m from the main road. Use the permissive route (“The Rollercoaster”), taking care to stop at the foot of the short steep descent (where the stone wall is) and turn right, via a small ford and follow the obvious trail to an unclassified road.
Still on the road, turn right and cruise to Elterwater. Use the Sustrans signed route along the side of the river towards Skelwith Bridge via the Quarry.
At Skelwith Bridge take the 1-in-4 road up to Tarn Foot and onwards over Loughrigg Fell via the steep climb, then past Brow Head Farm back in to Ambleside.
In total, it will be a little more than 20 miles.

About the crazy old guy in Ambleside who has an irrational dislike of cyclists:
I am genuinely sorry you feel strongly about this, but I can’t take you seriously while you’re having a tantrum. Just as it is your right to walk at night in the dark, it is my right to cycle at night while displaying lights. I believe my cycling is a safe, fair and responsible use of the countryside. There’s plenty of land for us all to use, and it might be seen as obstructive when you choose to deliberately block the right of way just because you don’t agree with what I’m doing.
I could understand your concern if I was charging along at some obscene rate of knots, but I don’t do that and yet you still feel you have some kind of score to settle.

About the dog-walker with two black Labradors:
Letting them run around, off the lead, at the end of a poorly lit cul-de-sac might be considered irresponsible. That is all.

I congratulate Cumbria County Council for repairing promptly the pot-holes in the A592 between Newby Bridge and Windermere. The winter has not been kind to the roads, and now The A592 is as pleasing to use as it has ever been.


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