Week of FAIL.

I did my usual thing of going on the Tuesday night bike ride, like I do most weeks. It takes about an hour to drive from my house to Ambleside. This week I received a phone call about five minutes before I was due to set out from home. As a result I set off late, got mixed up in the tea-time traffic and arrived in Ambleside twenty minutes later than normal. Usually I set off before the tea-time traffic and keep ahead of it.
While cycling (slowly) up Sunny Brow (whose idea was that? we normally come down it) I completely failed to notice I had a back tyre which was slowly losing air. It made the climb twice as hard as it needed to be. That’s the first puncture of the year. The ride would be described as ‘technical and challenging’. 🙂
It seems to be the week for FAILs, this caught my funny bone earlier in the week: “Five fire engines in South Yorkshire and the Humber region have been sitting unused since they were bought in 2007”.
If that wasn’t funny enough, this bit of news appeared: “Tests have shown that the technology used in the ADE651 and similar devices is not suitable for bomb detection“. I think it’s very disappointing that a British company may have been selling “snake oil” in these interesting times.


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