The Thursday night ride.

Due to my error, I ended up doing a little more than everyone else. I took what seemed like an obvious turning – which is the mistake – and I found the remainder of the group by going back up Iron Keld (from the A593 side). Later on, after we’d come down off the fell towards via Arnside and done a bit round Stang End and Hodge Close, we ended up climbing the same as I had done earlier.
Actually, having done that same climb on Tuesday makes it three times this week.
Being in work the following day (=yesterday as I write this in retrospect), meant that I felt every metre of climbing each and every time I threaded a projector or made a trip downstairs and back up to the projection booth. Ouch. 🙂
Some triva about the ride: 16 miles, 795m of climbing which includes climbing from the A593 up to Iron Keld twice due to me taking the wrong turning earlier in the ride. I recorded a maxima of 8.4m/s coming down Iron Keld towards Knipe Fold near the end of the ride.
It may mean a little more by converting that in to miles/hour (answer 18.7) – which is fast for me (personally) off-road.


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