The biketreks Tuesday night ride

At the start I’d like to apologise to the man and woman who were startled by us in Elterwater Slate quarry. The loose chunks of slate on the ground make a charming ‘plinky plonky’ sound as you cycle along. Multiply that by eight, as there were eight of us, and it probably sounds twice as loud at night.
Given the weather we were surprised to see any other travellers at all on the 16 mile loop.
In brief, leaving Ambleside to the north towards Rydal follow the “Coffin Trail” to White Moss common. Cross the main road and past Grasmere and a steep climb to Red Bank. Down through the bracken to Elterwater, and west to the quarry. Follow the bridleway south through the forest towards Little Langdale. Cross the ford and continue south through Moss Rigg, bearing left to Hodge Close and Oxen Fell. Cross the main road and up on to Iron Keld, turn off the track at the sign “Sunny Brow” and follow the well defined trail down to the road. Follow the road down to Ambleside via Skelwith Fold.


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