Horizon: The Secret You, a BBC TV documentary

I’ve just watched the Horizon documentary “The Secret You”. Some of the phenomena I knew about, but I enjoyed seeing the experiments performed giving unexpected results. I’ve used the word unexpected because for most studies in this area, the results often don’t match the theoretical expectation. This has given us new ideas about how the human conciousness works, by challenging our preconceptions.
Once again the BBC shows it can make world-class programmes.

There’s a “but” coming, you may have expected this.

I found the over-use of the “fake jerky video” effect to be most irritating. Many of Professor Marcus du Sautoy’s insightful observations and explanations don’t need a distracting background. The video shot out of a car window suggested strongly the concept of looking out in to a world around us, which exists more in our inner mind’s eye. This subtle suggestion in photography was undone by a deluded editor with something to prove.


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