Coniston to Wray and back.

I won’t bother with the GPX, although you can have it if you ask.
Start from Monk Coniston, up to Lawson Park and Moor Top. Turn right on to the road, and left in about 50m (ignoring the gate signed as “No Entry”). Follow the fire roads initially south, then turn east down to Esthwaite Water. Back on the tarmac to Near Sawrey, take the bridleway up to Claife Heights past Moss Eccles Tarn and Wise Een tarn.
At High Wray/Basecamp, hit the road (right turn) and go down to Low Wray bearing left. There’s a rusty old gate by the side of the road (on the map marked as Randy Pike), it marks a bridleway heading southwest past Bletham Tarn to Outgate.
Another short road ride through Outgate, turn right up to Knipe Fold. Keep the upward trend by taking the track up towards Sunny Brow. Cut cross to Tarn Hows (left turn) via what the locals call “sh*t corner”.
When you get to the road again, right turn and along until you get to the car park on the left. There’s an anonymous track leading along the back of the car park to a gate, signed something like “Cyclists Beware…”. Follow this epic downhill route down (right at the obvious fork) to the road. Cross and through the gate to a short track (bridge is incredibly slippery when wet) which follows the road for about 100m. Last bit of road back to Monk Coniston.
Total: about 17 miles.



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