Of having a rear light for your bike…

It’s important, so when the plastic strap of my elderly Cateye TL-AU100BS snapped two weeks ago I was a little unhappy.
Not that there’s anything wrong with Cateye lamps, they’re good. I’ve used that same light since longer than I’ve had my current bike.
For reference, if you order the following Cateye parts:
#544-0892 “Universal Clamp”
#544-0980 “Bracket”
That will allow you to continue to use your existing lamp. Together they ought to cost about five pounds sterling, considerably cheaper than a new lamp.

In the interim, I cobbled together a temporary rear light, from five red LEDs, a PIC micro, and the case from an old Christmas table decoration. The case did have an upper part which had fibre-optics in, which met its end in an unfortunate candle-related incident. The case has spaces for two AA batteries and that’s why I kept it.

Someone did describe my blinky rear light as “like something from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. I think he meant the generic cartoon computer with blinking lights on it.



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