Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

I’ve been to Manchester Odeon (at The Printworks) today to see the sixth Harry Potter film. I’ve seen it, in chunks, on 35mm. I enjoyed seeing it again uninterrupted, I enjoyed seeing it in 15 perforation 70mm, and the first fifteen minutes are in 3D too. Which is a bonus.
I’m not going to provide a critique of the film, that has been done by others already.

An observation about that particular copy showing there today; I suspect they’ve had an accident where one of the two “strips” has snapped*. Towards the end of the 3D bit, it changes to 2D for a second or two before returning to 3D.

* In IMAX 3D, there are actually two films being shown at the same time. Depending on the configuration of the site, it is either a 2 projector system or a single projector capable of playing two 70mm films at the same time. It is essential these two films (for the Left and Right images) are synchronised to the exact same frame. If you have to remove some frames from the Left strip, the corresponding number of frames need to be removed from the Right strip. Or if you remove frames, you replace them with the exact same length of opaque film. It keeps the Left and Right strips in sync.

It was a pleasant surprise to see 3D trailers for “Avatar” and “Disney’s Christmas Carol”. Both were visually rich and engaging, and I fear that both features will be relying on their imagery (rather than plot and emotion) to entertain. Does not bode well.

Taking the train home became considerably more interesting than it normally is. I found myself talking to two ladies from “the states”, who were travelling and sight-seeing here in the UK. I thought it was a little bit unusual that Erin and Lynne were travelling without their husbands, but both husbands had chosen to stay at home. I say that’s their loss, and possibly to the gain of Erin and Lynne. It turns out one of these two works at Folsom State Prison, I know which of Erin and Lynne is in the employ of Folsom State but I consider it unwise to say. šŸ™‚
This encounter made a normally dull train journey in to an interesting journey, and I’m sure Erin and Lynne will enjoy the rest of their visit to UK – although I’m not exactly sure why they are visiting Carnforth today.


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