Trailers from Apple

I notice that Apple are now using the user-agent string to find out how their trailers are being distributed. I think this is a work-around for folk who don’t have, or want, Quicktime installed.
This would apply to anyone using Ubuntu, or (I guess) most Debian-based distributions.
curl -o -A "QuickTime/7.6 (qtver=7.6;cpu=IA32;os=Mac 10,5,7)"

If you are a Linux user, then you probably have curl installed, if not then you probably know how to install it with “apt-get install”.


2 Responses to “Trailers from Apple”

  1. The Prodejeff Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have no idea how old this news is but for a month gecko player can´t play quicktime trailers anymore. I use the user agent addon and for a while it works great but not anymore, so no quicktime trailer viewing for me. But today I I change some numbers in my user agent settings for quicktime. what I did was this, change the numbers ´´quicktime 7.6.2. to quicktime 7.6.3. and it worked again. Then it hit me, I know I´m no genius with PC´s but offcourse apple releases updates so what I think you have to do is follow up the update versions of the official quicktime releases and change those numbers in your user agent quicktime settings. This is what I think, I could be wrong and mistaken but so far it works again.

    Gtz The Prodejeff

    • barrowbiker Says:

      That’s probably a good idea, I didn’t bother experimenting with older version numbers in my command. It’s probably just a google query away to find out what the current version of Quicktime is. Also it’s a bit disappointing that Apple insists on everyone using the latest version just to watch a trailer.

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